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The pendants are foundational, the magic is in the gemstones!

In the Eastern Ayurvedic tradition, as well as other cultures, gemstones have been used for thousands of years, for healing, protection and prosperity.

When gemstones are energized with HighChi Energy, their properties are amplified. Feel them tingle in your fingers, as you are enveloped in a beautiful cocoon of restorative, protective energy .

These Harmonic Jewels can also be used to release stress on the emotional, mental, physical and etheric levels, restoring emotional balance, well being and clarity. The Harmonic Jewels collection has been carefully chosen to activate and cleanse each chakra or energy centre of the body.

The Raja's or Kings in India wore this pear briolette cut, which we have specifically chosen so that our men, and indeed our heros, would wear Harmonic Jewels. Why should women be the only ones to benefit from these energized magical Jewels?

It is said that you do not choose the gemstone but rather the gemstone chooses you.

 See the gemstones below, or the whole HighChi jewelry range Here >

Regular Gemstones need frequent clearing, as after a while they no longer feel right. HighChi Harmonic Jewels feel wonderful, as they are energized they are always impeccably clear and clean. No clearing required ever with HighChi Jewelry.

No statements made on this website are intended to suggest or infer that using these products will cure or treat a disease. The artifacts designed by HighChi are not intended to specifically treat diseases or physical conditions. Any references to the relief or mitigation of any physical symptoms are a result of subjective anecdotal testimonies of our clients' experiences. The descriptions published by HighChi, a division of Oxybliss, about the effects of the subtle energy fields emanated by HighChi Jewelry are purely subjective interpretations of their effects, and do not in any way guarantee similar results for the user.

Gems, by HighChi

Pink Amethyst Gem - by HighChi
1st chakra: safety, security, abundance, survival, grounding and physical health.
$99.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Citrine Gemstone Pendant - by HighChi.
2nd chakra: sexual creative energy, manifesting desires, feeling emotions and pleasure, success.
$99.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Lemon Quartz gemstone pendant - by HighChi
3rd chakra: personal power, strength of will, purpose, self esteem.
$69.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Green Amethyst Gemstone Pendant - by HighChi.
4th chakra: emotional intelligence, love, relationships, balance, compassion and self-acceptance.
$99.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Blue Topaz gemstones - by HighChi
5th chakra: personal expression, communication, truth, focus and creativity.
$139.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Amethyst Gemstone pendant - by HighChi
6th chakra: 3rd eye - intuition, imagination, stress release, psychic perception, and clarity.
$99.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Clear Quartz Gemstone pendant - by HighChi
7th chakra: crown chakra, awareness, self-knowledge, wisdom and consciousness.
$59.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
Rose Quartz Gemstone Pendant - by HighChi
Heart chakra: The Love Stone, Harmony in Relationships, Appreciation.
$69.00 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
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