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Our full range of products for Healthy Living.
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3" Wai Lana Green™ Cork Yoga Block
Made from 100% natural, ecologically sustainable cork.
4" Foam Yoga Blocks by Wai Lana.
Help you ease into difficult poses by strengthening, stretching, and aligning your body without strain.
Aci-Balance, by Maharishi Ayurveda
Helps maintain proper stomach balance; soothes occasional acid indigestion and heartburn.
$11.95 $11.35 Price Options
ALA Cream, Alpha Lipoic Acid
An antioxidant rich ultra moisturizing cream, especially suitable for the eye area
$19.99 Price Options
ALA Massage Oil
Antioxidant, immunity booster, alkalizer, supports cellular detox and regeneration
$53.99 $51.99
Aller-Defense Herbal Tablets, By Maharishi Ayurveda
Supports the body’s resistance to allergens; supports the natural immune system; eliminates toxins.
$23.95 $19.95
Amrit Kalash Ambrosia, full-spectrum antioxidant, 500 mg, 60 herbal tablets, by MAPI
Boost mental potential and overall health.
$54.98 $49.98
Amrit Kalash Nectar Fruit Concentrate, Ayurvedic Herbal Antioxident, by MAPI
Powerful antioxidant, supports balance between heart & brain.
$54.98 $49.98
Amrit Kalash Nectar Sugar Free Tablets, by MAPI
Powerful antioxidant & supports balance between heart & brain.
$54.98 $49.98
Bio-Immune, by MAPI
Supports natural immunity; helps detoxify blood and promotes cellular regeneration.
$11.95 $11.59 Price Options
Bitter Detox Massage Oil
When toxins have accumulated in the deeper tissues and are not easy to evacuate
Temporarily Out of Stock
Blissful Joy Herbal tablets, by Maharishi Ayurveda
To help uplift the emotions; helps balance emotional ups and downs; alleviates sadness and feelings of frustration.
$37.95 $34.95
Blissful Sleep, by MAPI
Natural sleep aid for falling asleep faster and enjoying deeper, more refreshing sleep; balances, nourishes.
$18.95 $17.05
blood pressure balance, herbal tablets. By Maharishi Ayurveda
Cleanses and nourishes the circulatory system; restores balance and promotes healthy blood pressure.
$41.95 $37.95
Wai Lana Butterfly Yoga & Pilates Mat
The Wai Lana mat is equally suited to Pilates and yoga.
Calcium Support, by MAPI.
A non-dairy source, with herbs supporting your ability to absorb the calcium.
$29.95 $26.95
Temporarily Out of Stock
Cardio Support, by MAPI
Supports physical and emotional heart health; fortifies multiple levels of the heart muscle; promotes healthy blood flow; enhances natural resistance to stress.
$16.95 $15.95 Price Options
Cholesterol Protection, herbal tablets.
Helps maintain normal levels of blood cholesterol; supports healthy fat metabolism.
$19.95 $15.96
Chyawanprash Herbal Tonic Paste by SVAyurveda
Chyawanprash is a nurturing, multipurpose daily tonic
$51.98 $49.98 Price Options
Chyawanprash Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Syrup
Ideal or those who have concerns consuming fat and/or sugar
$35.00 $33.99
Temporarily Out of Stock
ayurvedic lifestyle expert Lissa Coffey
Relationship and ayurvedic lifestyle expert Lissa Coffey gives the right advice!
Cristalmind Shirodhara Machine
Swiss made & patented Shirodhara massage equipment to reduce stress.
$739.00 $599.00 Price Options
Cylindrical Yoga Bolster by Wal Lana
Support for a variety of poses.
Deep Rest, by MAPI
Supports sleeping through the night. Helps in falling asleep more easily, and in returning to sleep when awakened.
$18.95 $17.99 Price Options
Detox Herbal Tea, by Ayurvedic Healing
A unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and spices to promote healthy lymphatic and respiratory system.
Detox Soap by SVA Chemical free, all natural, detoxifying bar of soap for your hands and body
Chemical free, all natural, detoxifying bar of soap for your hands and body
DGL (Deglycerized Licorice) transdermal cream
A cream designed to safely remove toxins from the body
$21.99 Price Options
DGL Transdermal Roll On
Provides an effective and safe method to reduce toxicity in your body
SVA Garavisha Tea
Garavisha can help us deal with the modern phenomenon of xenobiotic toxicity or chemical compounds that are foreign to our bodies
$24.50 Price Options
Temporarily Out of Stock
SVA Garcinia Cambodia Chutney A tangy fruit chutney that has beneficial weight loss properties
A tangy fruit chutney that has beneficial weight loss properties
Temporarily Out of Stock
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