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HighChi Energy Jewelry

Buddha Cool pendant - by HighChi
Self realization, spiritual guidance, self-confidence self-esteem and courage.
$79.00 Price Options
Byzantine Cross Pendant - by HighChi
Crossroads; Decision making, Clarity, motivation and gratitude.
$79.00 Price Options
Celtic Cross Pendant  - by HighChi
Crossroads, decision making, clarity, motivation and gratitude.
$79.00 Price Options
Dolphin Chi Pendant - by HighChi
Circle of life, communication, joy and freedom.
$99.00 Price Options
Fine Anchor Link gold or silver bracelet or necklace chain
Chic meets modern edge. 925 Sterling Silver or thick 18k Gold plating.
$179.00 Price Options
Fine Parisian Link Necklace and Bracelet Chain - by HighChi
Demure meets seductive. 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Plated Sterling.
$99.00 Price Options
Fine Sailor Link gold or silver bracelet or necklace chain - by HighChi
Glamorous meets femininity. 925 Sterling Silver or thick 18k Gold plating.
$99.00 Price Options
Flower of Life Pendant by HighChi
The HighChi Flower of Life Pendant is an exquisite sacred geometric design and a universal template from which all life springs.
$280.00 Price Options
Ganesh pendant - by HighChi
Success, happiness, respect, good fortune and inner balance.
$69.00 Price Options
HighChi Pendant
The highest energetically. Feel connected to your intuition. Download the divine.
$280.00 Price Options
Kwan Yin Pendant - by HighChi
Mercy, compassion, forgiveness, fertility and unconditional love.
$79.00 Price Options
Lakshmi Pendant - by HighChi
Beauty, grace, abundance, prosperity and success.
$99.00 Price Options
Power Sets, by HighChi
Feel yourself enveloped in an energetic cocoon
$325.00 Price Options
Saraswati Pendant - by HighChi
Inspiration, creativity, knowledge, memory and concentration.
$69.00 Price Options
White Tara Pendant - by HighChi
Physical and Mental Well Being, Longevity, Compassion,Truth and Perseverance.
$99.00 Price Options
Wide Parisian Link gold or silver bracelet & necklace chains - by HighChi
925 Sterling Silver or thick 18k gold plating. Made in Italy.
$159.00 Price Options
High Chi Energy Jewelry

HighChi is a Subtle Energy Science Jewelry Company. Since 1995 they have been passionate leaders in Subtle Energy Science. HighChi's commitment is to create the most beautifully transformational and balanced energy possible, designed to work as a subtle armor against the harmful effects of radiation and other negative energies. The HighChi jewelry collection is interactive, and is designed to protect the wearer, and release stress, on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

HighChi Power Pieces are inspired by the sacred geometry and exotic motifs of ancient cultures and redefine the power of adornment. Each piece is meticulously crafted according to Harmonic Resonance Technology, activating a higher vitality and energy in body, mind and spirit. These beautiful pieces help protect the wearer from the harmful and stressful effects of negative frequencies generated by wireless technology, including cellphones, and even negative energies from others.

HighChi's beautifully crafted jewelry is a vehicle for energy that is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate its wearer. Our pieces have been scientifically proven to encourage the flow of Chi, while protecting against the constant daily bombardment of EMF's

Let yourself be lifted...

After over two decades of research and development, HighChi Jewelry is the ultimate synergy of elegance, bold sophistication, vitality and subtle armouring.

Please note that HighChi jewelry may tarnish if continuously subjected to water and/or harsh conditions.

HighChi Disclaimer:
No statements made on this website are intended to suggest or infer that using these products will cure or treat a disease. The artifacts designed by HighChi are not intended to specifically treat diseases or physical conditions. Any references to the relief or mitigation of any physical symptoms are a result of subjective anecdotal testimonies of our clients' experiences. The descriptions published by HighChi, a division of Oxybliss, about the effects of the subtle energy fields emanated by HighChi Jewelry are purely subjective interpretations of their effects, and do not in any way guarantee similar results for the user.

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