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Om Collection

Om Bracelet & Hairband.
Versatile piece, for your wrist and your hair.
$39.95 $14.99
Om Symbol Hair Jewelry & Headband
Om symbol with Mani mantra on a headband.
$39.95 $24.95
Temporarily Out of Stock
Om Pendant
Beautifully designed by Lissa Coffey using the ancient Om symbol.
$39.95 $14.99
Om Shanti Dharma Charm Earrings
Om Shanti is the Mantra for Universal Peace & Well-being
$24.99 $9.95
Om Shanti Dharma Charm Pendant with pearl
The mantra for universal peace & well-being.
$24.99 $9.95
Om Shanti Charm Ring with Pearl and Om symbol
The mantra for universal peace & well-being.
$24.99 $23.00

The Om Jewelry Collection - Designed by Lissa Coffey using the ancient Om symbol, and Made in USA.

The design is an OM symbol set in a circle, and the dot of the OM is a lotus flower. The “OM MANI PADME HUM” mantra is inscribed on each piece.

The Lotus Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Mantras are like little prayers. The lotus mantra is one of the most popular mantras in Tibet, it is known as the prayer of compassion. It is often said that the essence of all the teachings of the Buddha are contained in this one mantra. There are so many layers of meaning in Sanskrit, as each syllable carries its own vibration, and together form new vibrations that evoke various meanings. Loosely translated, Om Mani Padme Hum means: “I bow to the jewel within the lotus.”

Repeating this mantra is believed to purify the mind and body and bring joy and peace to you, and those around you. Let’s look at the roots of this beautiful mantra:

  • OM: The Dalai Lama says: “In chanting OM, you can transform your impure body, speech and mind into the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha.” OM represents the oneness, the universal.
  • MANI: Mani means jewel, and it symbolizes compassion, love, and the altruistic goal of achieving enlightenment. Remembering this helps us to practice pure ethics, acceptance, and patience.
  • PADME: Padme means lotus, and it symbolizes wisdom. The lotus flower grows out of the mud, but is not soiled by the mud. It reminds us that we can live in this imperfect world and not be affected by it. This helps us to practice perseverance and concentration, remembering our goals, and our true nature.
  • HUM: Hum helps us to practice wisdom and make good choices. It means inseparability and it symbolizes purity. It reminds us that we can achieve the perfection we seek by combining wisdom and activity.

This beautiful mantra can be chanted, spoken, or thought on its own, or with a mala to aid your practice and concentration.

Because I love the symbolism and meaning of the Mani mantra so much, I designed pendants, bracelets/hairbands and headbands that you can wear to keep the mantra in the forefront of your mind.

An explanation of the symbolism of the Om.

An explanation of the meaning of the Om Symbol

The Lower curve of the '3' symbolizes the waking state (jagrat), in this state the consciousness is turned outwards through the gates of the senses. The larger size of the curve signifies that this is the most common ('majority') state of the human consciousness.

The upper curve denotes the state of deep sleep (sushupti) or the unconscious state. This is where the sleeper desires nothing nor beholds any dream.

The middle curve (to the right side) signifies the dream state (swapna) which lies between the deep sleep and the waking state. In this state the consciousness of the individual is turned inwards, and the dreaming self beholds an enthralling view of the world behind the lids of the eyes.

The dot at the top signifies the fourth state of consciousness, known in Sanskrit as turiya. In this state the consciousness looks neither outwards nor inwards, nor the two together. It signifies the coming to rest of all differentiated, relative existence. This utterly quiet, peaceful and blissful state is the ultimate aim of all spiritual activity. This Absolute (non-relative) state illuminates the other 3 states.

The semi circle underneath the top dot, symbolizes maya and separates the dot from the other 3 curves. Thus it is the illusion of maya (illusion) that prevents us from  the realization of this highest state of bliss. The semi circle is open at the top, and does not touch the dot. This means that this highest state is not affected by maya. Maya only affects the manifested phenomenon. This effect is that of preventing the seeker from reaching their ultimate goal: the realization of the One, all pervading, unmanifest, Absolute principle. In this manner, the form of OM represents both the unmanifest and the manifest, the noumenon and the phenomenon.

These are the 3 states of an individual's consciousness, and since an Indian mystic believes the entire manifested reality to spring from this consciousness, these three curves therefore represent the entire physical phenomenon.

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