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The HighChi Sacred Geometry Collection uses mathematical ratios, harmonics, and sacred universal pattern. These designs are used and most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art but can also be found in music and light. These "higher harmonics" are a key factor in the remarkable effectiveness of HighChi Energy Jewelry.

At HighChi we use these "divine" proportions to create exquisite Sacred Geometric Jewelry whose shape/form give off an energy field that protects, balances and strengthens body, mind and spirit.

Wearers report not only "feeling better", but also being protected and vitalized with a wonderful sense of well being!

More on Sacred Geometry:

Over 2500 years ago, the Greek Mystery Schools taught that there are five perfect 3 dimensional forms: the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. These were known as the Platonic Solids; and that they were the foundation or forms for everything in the physical world. Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until the 1980's, when Professor Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements - literally everything in the physical world is based on these same five geometric forms. In fact, throughout modern physics, chemistry, biology, and geometry the sacred geometric patterns of creation and their intrinsic value are being rediscovered.

Please note that HighChi jewelry may tarnish if continuously subjected to water and/or harsh conditions.

HighChi Disclaimer:
No statements made on this website are intended to suggest or infer that using these products will cure or treat a disease. The artifacts designed by HighChi are not intended to specifically treat diseases or physical conditions. Any references to the relief or mitigation of any physical symptoms are a result of subjective anecdotal testimonies of our clients' experiences. The descriptions published by HighChi, a division of Oxybliss, about the effects of the subtle energy fields emanated by HighChi Jewelry are purely subjective interpretations of their effects, and do not in any way guarantee similar results for the user.

Sacred Geometry

Six Star Titanium 'Energy Expand' Pendant
The Flower of Life represents the "Heart Center".
$175.00 $149.95
Dharma Sacred Geometry Clover Bracele
With 4 interchangeable colored stretch bands.
$42.95 $19.95
Dharma Clover Lapel Pin & Scarf Accessory
Uses two pwerful magnets to attach instead of putting a hole in your clothes.
$39.95 $10.00
Dharma Clover Sacred Geometry Pendant with pearl
Lissa Coffey's design uses Sacred Geometry to symbolize the Four Dharmas, or Life Purposes..
$49.95 $24.95
Dharma Clover Pendant on a keychain
Lobster Clasp allows connecting to lots of things!
$29.95 $6.95
Flower of Life Pendant by HighChi
The HighChi Flower of Life Pendant is an exquisite sacred geometric design and a universal template from which all life springs.
$280.00 Price Options
HighChi Pendant
The highest energetically. Feel connected to your intuition. Download the divine.
$280.00 Price Options
Tree of Life Pendant
A sacred design - in your choice of Antique Brass or Pewter and chain style.
$39.95 $19.95
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